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About Library Preparation

Before any sequencing  can be performed on an Illumina sequencing instrument, a library must be prepared from the DNA or RNA sample. We can prepare sequencing libraries from a variety of nucleic acid source material that are suitable for any of the standard sequencing applications available at Micromon (RNA, ChIP, small RNA, DNA, PCR amplicons, 16S amplicons, etc.). Additionally, we can create custom libraries for specific applications or application development. Most libraries contain sufficient material for a large number of sequencing runs and they can be returned to you, or stored at Micromon for later use.


How to use the Library Prep. Service

To use the Library Preparation service for standard sequencing libraries (i.e. for existing applications that do not require method devleopment), simply download the Sample Submission Form, fill it in, and send it back to us with your sample. We will first estimate the sample concentration (using DNA and/or RNA specific fluorimetry) and quality (using the AATI Fragment Analyzer and micro-volume spectrophotometry, where appropriate). We will construct your library and arrange for delivery or collection from our facility. Please view the application specific to your library type for sample submission requirements, or contact us directly!

Forms and Resources


Sample submission form (PDF)
Sample submission guidelines (PDF)
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