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Focussed Acoustic Shearing of Biological Material Print E-mail

About Focussed Acoustic Shearing

We use the Covaris S2 instrument for shearing biological material. It is similar to a probe sonicator, except that the S2 is a closed-vessel, probe-free system meaning that there is no contact between the instrument and your samples. This eliminates the chances of contamination. The S2 allows the highly controlled delivery of acoustic energy to your sample, providing highly consistent results. Sample temperatures are controlled throughout the process. We can process a variety of sample types: tissue, cells (prokaryotic or eukaryotic), DNA, RNA or protein. The instrument is also ideal for the production of emulsions, liposomes and dissolution of difficult substances.

How to Use the Service

To use the Focussed Acoustic Shearing service, simply download the Sample Submission Form, fill it in, and send it back to us with your sample. Please contact us before submitting your sample if you require protocol development for shearing your samples. You can submit your own protocol or we can recommend a protocol for you.



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