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About RNA Fluorometry

Fluorescent DNA quantitation utilises a double-stranded DNA specific fluorescent dye. We use this dye in conjuction with a fluorometer (DeNovix DS11-fx or Invitrogen Qubit) to measure the concentration of DNA in your sample. The double-stranded DNA specificity makes this assay more accurate than measurements based on spectrophotometry, such as those obtained from a Nanodrop or similar instrument. The spectrophotometric measurements will detect any components of your sample that absorb at the same wavelength as DNA (usually 260nm is usually used) - such 'contaminants' include PCR primers, nucleotides, RNA, phenol (sometimes used to remove protein from DNA preparations), thiocyanates (component of many commercial 'clean up' kits) and many others. It also allows the measurement of much smaller amounts of DNA - down to 25pg/mL.

Using the Service

To use the Quant-IT RNA Fluorometry service, simply download the Sample Submission Form, fill it in, and send it back to us with your sample. We will first estimate the concentration (using spectrophotometry) to help us determine the appropriate assay to use. We will then measure your sample fluorometrically and prepare a report containing the relevant data. This will be emailed to you using the details you included on the Sample Submission Form.

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