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The Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 uses single-use disposable 'chip' to analyse batches of samples; either 11 or 12 at a time (depending on the chip type). Because the chips are completely consumed during the analysis, the prices listed below apply to a complete sample batch (the 'Effective Cost per Sample' is shown for reference purposes). However, we can process fewer samples if required. Please contact us if you have fewer samples than are required to fill a single chip and we can provide discounted pricing.

Chip Type Sample Type Range Samples / Chip Chip Price Effective Cost / Sample
RNA Nano Total RNA, mRNA 25 - 500 ng 12 $97 $8.08
RNA Pico Total RNA, mRNA 0.05 - 50 ng 11 $99 $9.00
Small RNA Total RNA, mRNA 0.05 - 2ng 11 $112 $10.18
DNA HS DNA, cDNA 0.05 - 0.5 ng 11 $124 $11.27


Next-Generation Sequencing

Because of the complexity and range of options for Next-Generation Sequencing projects, we generally provide pricing on a per-project basis or after a project planning consultation.  

Please contact us for a quotation or to organise a consultation.



DNA & RNA Quantitation

Quantitation of nucleic acids by fluorometry incurs a one-off setup fee per batch of samples of each sample type. If RNA and DNA samples are delivered together, then all RNA samples will be regarded as one batch (and incur a DNA setup fee) and all DNA samples will be regarded as an additional batch (and incur an RNA setup fee). 

Sample Type Measurement Range Setup Fee Price / Sample
DNA 2 ng - 1000 ng $5.00 $2.20
DNA 200 pg - 100 ng $5.00 $2.20

5 ng - 100 ng




Due to the complexity and highly customised nature of qPCR assay design, we provide quotes on a per-project bases. Please contact us for a quote or to arrange a meeting to plan your project!



Sample Shearing

Micromon offers a DNA shearing service using the Covaris S2 Focussed Acoustic Shearing device. We can also provide the use of this instrument for other non-standard applications such as substance dissolution, mineral decomposition, cell disruption (excluding cells that require PC2 or higher containment). Please contact us if you would like to process a sample other than DNA.

Size Range Supplied Tube Price / Sample
150 b - 1.5 kb 1 x Covaris Glass Microtube w/AFA fibre & snap-cap $12
2 kb 1 x Covaris MiniTube (Clear) $18
3 kb 1 x Covaris MiniTube (Blue) $18
5 kb 1 x Covaris MiniTube (Red) $18
Per-hour instrument usage*

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* Customers at Monash University only, following training and approval by Micromon staff, unless otherwise arranged.

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