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About qPCR

Quantitative real-time PCR is a powerful and cost-effective means of quantifying the relative amount of your gene or transcript of interest within complex samples. This service is ideal for investigations that don't require the whole-genome approach of our Transcriptomics (RNA-seq) Service. Applications range from evaluation and confirmation of microarray and RNA-seq/transcriptomic data (often required for publication!) through to diagnostics and quantitative investigations of gene expression (see attachment).

How to use the qPCR servce

To use the Micromon qPCR Service, simply download the sample submission form and send it back to us with your samples. Please contact us for the exact sample submission requirements. We provide a comprehensive service including:
 Design and synthesis of qPCR quality oligonucleotides
 Bioanalyzer and fluorometric RNA and DNA quantification
 Reverse transcription of total RNA and/or qPCR of cDNA


Forms and Resources

 Please contact us for sample submission information.
 More information about qPCR


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