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About Transcriptomics (RNA-seq)

Traditionally, whole-genome expression studies have been carried out using microarrays or quantitative real-time PCR. To overcome some of the limitations of these technologies, we offer RNA-seq as a fast and cost-effective method to simultaneously obtain the full-length sequence of mRNA and also to quantitate transcripts. This provides a detailed insight into the type and number of transcripts present in a tissue or population of cells (potentially, even without prior knowledge of the genome). Direct sequencing of transcripts also reveals splice variants. We provide both  eukaryotic and prokaryotic mRNA-seq (transcriptomics) service.

Using the Transcriptomics Service


To use the RNA-seq service, simply download the Sample Submission Form, fill it in, and send it back to us with your sample. We will first estimate the concentration (using spectrophotometry) to help us determine the appropriate assay to use. We will then measure your sample fluorometrically and prepare a report containing the relevant data. This will be emailed to you using the details you included on the Sample Submission Form

What to submit:

Completed sample submission form
Purified RNA or frozen cells (see our sample submission requirements)
An image of an agarose gel showing your RNA, or a bioanalyzer trace

Forms and Resources

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