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About Small RNA Sequencing

Small RNA discovery allows the identification and quantitation of all small RNA molecules in a tissue or population of cells. This application is applicable to any species, and no prior knowledge of the genome is required - discover and quantitate at the same time!

  Profile 18-50b RNA species
  Easy to use - simply bring us your total RNA
  More than 5 orders of magnitude of dynamic range


Using the Small RNA Sequencing Service

To use the Small RNA Sequencing Sequencing Service, simply download the Sample Submission Form, fill it in, and email it back to us. Then, deliver your sample labelled as per your Submission Form (our location and postal address can be found here). We'll enter your sample into our QC process and commence library preparation. You will receive an email when we receive your sample, when your sample is ready for sequencing, and when your sequencing is complete. Finally, when your data is ready, we will send you the details required to download your data from your dedicated result page on our website.

What to submit:

Completed sample submission form
As little as 1ng of total RNA
An image of an agarose gel showing your RNA, or a bioanalyzer trace
  Full details of the sample and submission requirements can be found in our Sample Submission Guidelines... or contact us to discuss your project requirements!
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